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1What is offered in the free online Spanish class?

By taking a class you get to experience the teaching concept of SPLINGUA and you can see for yourself how it fits your learning style. You will get a 50 minutes class and a free assessment report measuring the level of your Spanish. We will help you to choose the best program based on your goals, budget, and schedule.

2How does the free online Spanish class work?

A free trial online Spanish class is only available to first-time students. Once you have signed up for the free Spanish class, you will choose the time that works best for you. After this, you will get an email confirming your teacher and scheduled time. At the scheduled time login and start your free trial Spanish lesson. The free lesson let you experience our teaching method and will give you an accurate evaluation of the level of your Spanish. The evaluation helps us to determine which program best fits you.

3Can i get a second free trial class?

A free trial online Spanish class is only available to first-time Splingua Students. However if for some reason you feel that your teacher isn’t suitable, please email [email protected] explaining why the match isn’t quite right. Exceptions can be made depending on each case. If there is another teacher who could better meet your needs, we’ll allow you to book a session with him/her.


1Does online spanish lessons work?

With our interactive platform where students can ask questions in real-time our students considerably improve their Spanish speaking abilities in just a few lessons.

2Do the purchased classes expire?

The purchased classes expire after 12 months.

3How long are the classes?

50 Minutes.

4Is the class only spoken in Spanish?

The beginner classes are taught in English and Spanish but most other classes are taught in Spanish where the professors will use English when necessary for clarification.

For more questions about refund & cancellation check out our terms and conditions.

5How can I pay?

You can pay securely by debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) on our website. You can choose to pay in US Dollars or CAD Dollars (If you purchase using a currency different to your bank account’s, your bank will simply convert the amount to your currency.)


1What are the backgrounds of the spanish teachers?

All of our teachers are native Spanish-speakers that live in Quito, Ecuador. The all have specific experience in teaching foreigners Spanish.

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Our support hours are MON-FRI from 8:00 to 6:00 (GMT-5)

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