Refund Policy

Students can buy lesson credits with US Dollars or Canadian Dollars. Lesson credits can be applied in the booking system to plan lessons. All costs expressed avoid any extra charges, for example, expenses, taxes or interest charged by the Student’s bank or credit card company. These charges are the sole obligation of the Student. The costs expressed additionally do exclude any expenses related with associating with the internet.

To ask for any refund, Students have to contact us giving a detailed explanation of why they want a refund. We will try our best to resolve any inconvenience caused by the tutor/professor by changing the tutor/professor. Students can send a request for a refund to

Our Programs

Private lesson: Students can have a tutor/professor for themselves and all content is tailored.

A lesson can be cancelled or rescheduled by the Student if in any event 24 hours are remaining before the lesson commences. The Student must reschedule/cancel the lesson through the booking system or by sending an email to If they cannot perceive how to do this, they ought to counsel the guidelines found on the Site’s FAQs page. When there are less than 24 hours remaining until the lesson commences, the Student does not reserve the option to cancel or reschedule and the lesson credit will be lost. This policy exists for the insurance of Teacher’s working conditions. Teachers can make special cases if they wish, anyway they are under no commitment to do as such.

Students can get a refund to the estimation of their remaining lesson credits if they contact Splingua’s help group to demand their refund within 5 days of their purchase. The refunded sum will be equivalent to the amount of the rest of the lesson credits in the preferred purchase currency.A 5% admin fee will be charged to the transaction. The funds will be returned to whatever payment method (credit card, bank account) the Student initially used to make the payment.After 5 days of purchase, no refund can be requested, but the lesson credits can be used within 12 months.  If not used after 12 months, it can be lost.

Group Courses: Students will not be able to change their schedules for classes or dates once they register.No refund for group classes not taken, no refund after classes have started, no credit is kept and no credit is transferable. Some exceptions can be made in certain cases please contact us at for any concerns or questions.

Splingua reserves the right to open or close a course. In the case a group course has not reached the minimum enrollment Splingua will close the course and will provide a 100% refund (no admin fee will be deducted).

Travelling Classroom Program: This is a third-party service. There is a 600 USD deposit that is non-refundable and policies of our supplier apply.

Booking Policies and Resolving Disputes

If the Student misses their lesson, they will not have the option to reschedule or cancel it and their lesson credit will be lost. Lessons planned during local holidays will not be cancelled naturally – it is the obligation of the Student to make any essential improvements to their appointments

In the event that there is a dispute among Student and Teacher, Splingua will assemble all records of communication accessible so as to decide how to formally address the dispute. Splingua will reserve the privilege to transfer credits, offer a refund, or alter a transaction. Splingua will likewise reserve the privilege to assign who will bear the costs resulting from any such activities.

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