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  • "I switched to online for Spanish leaning a year ago in March. Of the three web schools I’ve tried, Splingua has been my favorite. Classes are not drills or lectures, but structured enough to encourage student conversation. Splingua’s instructors are entirely professional and helpful" Linda S. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • "My one on one classes with Splingua have improved my Spanish far beyond and much more quickly than many previous attempts elsewhere. having been a teacher myself, I’ve been most impressed with the calibre of their lessons and learning techniques, and my teacher Merce, has been excellent ! I look forward to my lesson every week"
    Yolanda Goudeketting
  • "I have been taking Splingua's conversation classes for several months and still look forward to them. Every week is different, and I always learn new words and new ways to express myself. The instructor is patient, knowledgeable and fun. Definitely recommend."
    Helen K.
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