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Join our Spanish clubs, learn new vocabulary, practice, and meet people online or in your city.


Our brand ambassadors are native speakers who lead conversations and plan activities for you to practice and learn Spanish. Be on the lookout for more emails about meetings coming soon in your city!


Follow our Splingua Club on Facebook. This is an easy and fun way to practice your Spanish skills online. We post online activities to help you practice what you have learned in your Spanish Classes.

Flashcards and Games

Fun Ways to Learn Spanish

Make learning Vocabulary Easy!! Interactive Karoke with Draggable Elements
12 songs
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There is no greater feeling than listening to a fun song that you love! lyrics are a great way to learn new vocabulary and familiarize yourself with the language. Click Here to buy

Useful Spanish Phrases for travelers
275 Digital Flashcards
$ 4.99 USD
Have you found yourself in a situation similar to this? Where you’re a native English speaker touring in a Spanish-speaking country, yet you can’t communicate with anyone because you don’t know their language? Start learning today with Flashcards and games of Useful Spanish Phrases for travelers. You can use these phrases in places such as restaurants, hotels, shops, and Banks. Click Here to Buy
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